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Our methodology uses tools and processes that allow us to meet your company and create an appropriate solution to your needs – from pre-diagnosis to the implementation of improvement. This methodology facilitates the understanding of areas of improvement in each of the links in the supply chain. Learn about the services offered by the OMC Consult:

On Site Services

• Plan logistics director
• Feasibility analysis for modes of transportation
• Feasibility analysis of distribution centers
• Feasibility Analysis location
• Architecture and distribution network
• logistics and international purchases
• Projects of foreign trade
• Processes BID’s-automated
• Physical arrangement of stocks and factories
• Simulation using specialized software
• Review of processes in ERP systems
• Mathematical models for logistics solutions
• Diagnostic procedures
• Picking Productivity
• Inventory management
• Improved service level
• Classification of materials
• Reliability in stock
• Training providers
• Strategic sourcing
• Strategic planning (S & OP / pove)
• Implementation of ISO 9001/2000, SASSMAQ

Off Site Services

• Road Transport Services in general
• Management and Investment in transportation assets
• Services Materials Handling and Storage
• Brokerage / International Freight Hiring
• Transportation and movement backward or Containerized cargo port in break-bulk
• Coordination with inspection companies
��� Analysis of letters of credit and documentation for sales
• Composition and optimization of logistics costs to sales (DDU and DDP), and additional services related
• Closing of the squares of all maritime cargo
• Customs services exports, with the issuance of RE / SD / DDE and obtaining all licenses in each sale
• Preparation of draft B / L for the Owner
• Payment of local taxes at the ports of embarkation (THC + B / L fee + ISPS Code, etc.). For the removal of B (s) / L original
• Consolidation and delivery of documents to the banks or to customers abroad, as customers’ request
• Monitoring of operations through regular reports to the customer
• Updated information for importers and sales agents about the location of all lots (readiness, provision for boarding, boarding effective, any transshipment, shipping documents, etc..